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Standard & Premium Resolution Plans

Eyecast offers two different types of resolution for its cloud-based services: Standard and Premium. Please check our demo to see the difference between the two.

Virtual Storage

Eyecast offers short-term and long-term storage options. Standard storage options include 7, 14 and 30 days.  Other custom storage durations can be provided upon request.  There is also multi-year long-term storage available for archiving critical video events.

Service Agreement

Eyecast’s standard service agreement may be downloaded by clicking here

Standard Resolution Package

Standard Service Packages

Storage Options Monthly Price
Eyecast Standard 7 days of storage $8.95
Eyecast Standard Plus 14 days of storage $11.95
Eyecast Standard Extended 30 days of storage $14.95
Eyecast Standard Custom Longer Storage By Quotation

Premium Resolution Package

Premium Service Packages Storage Options Monthly Price
Eyecast Premium 7 days of storage $15.95
Eyecast Premium Plus 14 days of storage $17.95
Eyecast Premium Extended 30 days of storage $21.95
Eyecast Premium Custom Longer Storage By Quotation

Optional: CD / DVD Archiving White Glove Service

$65 for up to 60 minutes of video plus $1 per minute over 60 minutes. All charges are per camera. White Glove Service includes Overnight of CD(s) / DVD(s) to anywhere in the Continental US. Additional (duplicate) copies are $35 per CD / DVD. Additional charges apply for overnight shipment outside US.


Eyecast’s Professional Installation Team can install the Eyecast T-410 Encoders in your facility for you, or you can use your owr installers.

The Eyecast Encoder

Installation of Eyecast encoders is easy and quick and it can be done by the customer, or by an Eyecast or 3rd party installation technician. Installation can be done in as little as 5 minutes if the cameras are already installed. In case that assistance is needed, Eyecast personnel are available to provide remote assistance for the installation.

If you are replacing an existing DVR, you simply disconnect the coax cables from the DVR and connect them to the Eyecast encoder, plug in the power cord, and hook up the Ethernet cable from the encoder to the Internet. If there is no DVR, just hook up the end of the camera connections to the encoder (BNC connectors). You can verify the system is hooked up and working by looking at the Eyecast Encoder Face Panel.  That’s all there ius too it!  Connect the Eyecast Encoder and the system is ready to record video to the cloud!

CCTV Cameras

If you already have cameras installed, plugging the cameras into the Eyecast Encoder is all that needs to be done.

In case there aren’t any cameras installed, Eyecast can provide cameras at cost (usually about 60% off retail prices), and offers camera installation services at very low rates.

Don't Wait - Your Next DVR Failure Is Only A MAtter Of Time