Eyecast - The Future Of Surveillance Recording In The Cloud

Eyecast Solutions For Your Business

For Quick Serve Food Chains

Eyecast offers a complete solution custom tailored for Fast Food Restaurant’s unique surveillance recording needs.

For Fuel Service Gas Station Chains

Eyecast understands the unique needs to Gas Station Security Surveillance, and the absolute need for Always On Video Recording

For Local & National Chain Restaurants

Chain Restaurants are especially challenging, and Eyecast offers complete solutions for them.

For Multi-Warehouse Businesses

Managing your inventory and making sure your local DVRs are working is a real problem, and Eyecast offers best-of-breed solutions perfectly suited to warehouse environments.

For Check Cashing Stores

With both security and legal requirements, Eyecast provides perfect solutions for your multiple locations locally or region-wide.

For Multi-Location Franchise Groups

Regardless of the type of business, maintaining and keeping your DVRs operations is difficult, and Eyecast offers your best solution.

For Convenience Stores

Convenience Stores with their diverse customers and employee mix, open long hours, place demands on security video, and Eyecast offers best-of-breed solutions perfectly suited to these unique environments.

For Auto Dealers & Repair Centers

With high value products, it’s important to have instant access to your records for both security and legal requirements, Eyecast covers your vehicle business better than anyone.

For Retail Store & Kiosk Groups

High shrinkage, limited space, and even more limited bandwidth make Eyecast the perfect solution for these types of retail business.

Your Business Type Not Listed Here?

No worries, Eyecast understands the fundamentals of security and surveillance recording better than anyone in the industry, and has developed the most efficient, and lowest cost solution for your unique business.

Eyecast thurns DVR failures into a thing of the past

Eyecast Cloud DVR Eliminates:

DVR Setup & Maintenance

Manual DVR Archiving

DVR Power Failures

DVR Network Failures

Accidental Deletions

Failed Alarms

& DVR Theft

Fire & Casualty DVR Loss

Ongoing DVR Management

DVR Storage Failures