More Businesses Rely On EyeCast Cloud Surveillance Video Technology Than Any Other Cloud-based Provider

Eyecast Solution

Eyecast is the leading pioneer in Cloud-based Surveillance Video Recording.

It is a service provider for storage of video surveillance images on the Internet providing unlimited storage from an unlimited number of CCTV cameras. The Eyecast service is often referred to as “Hosted Video Surveillance” or “Cloud Based” video surveillance service.

The challenge for most businesses is the time and energy required to maintain and manage their video recording assets, which can be spread across a vast number of locations.  Eyecast has a very distinct  differentiated product.  Eyecast is the first company to design, develop and manufacture both the software and hardware technology to enable Hosted Video Surveillance as a service for the its business customers. Eyecast has developed the first massively scalable architecture designed specifically for remote surveillance digital video recording.

If you are still using discrete digital video recorders (DVRs) for your security camera recording, then you need Eyecast Now!

Eyecast Corporate

Eyecast is a dba and brand of Optical Crime Prevention, Inc., a Delaware Corporation with engineering offices in Sunrise, Florida.; with sales, technical support, and customer service offices at locations in South Florida. Eyecast is the only service of its kind to have developed and manufactured its products in the United States for maximum reliability and security.

Eyecast is a privately-held company, founded in 2008 by John DuBois and Suhail Nanji. It is also unique in that it is partially owned and operated by its management team, assuring the full dedication and connection between all parts of the organization and the services they provide.

Eyecast’s management team includes: John DuBois, the President of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Suhail Nanji, Secretary of the Board and Chief Technology Officer, as well as a superior team of communications and surveillance technology specialists with decades of combined experience.  The company’s advisory board also includes some of the most respected industry and subject matter experts in the world.